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Get back to basics without compromising on luxury.

We use pure, sustainable ingredients and advanced technology to enhance your skin care experience, making you feel good from the inside out.

Konjac is an exotic & fibrous plant that is grown throughout Asia. Its edible bulb has been feasted on for over 1,000 years in many Asian cultures, due to the plethora of vitamins and minerals contained in it. Grown in volcanic rich soil, it consists of 97% Water and 3% Glucomannan.

Our line of facial cleansing sponges are artisan crafted from 100% Konjac vegetable and is grown on the Jeju Island in South Korea. The island’s nutrient rich soil is considered the best in the world. This unique combination of Euphoric elements makes the NJA Konjac ideal for those looking to use the purest ingredients on their skin while also appreciating the minimal harm to the environment.