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look your best makeup routine

You’ve just finished your best winged eyeliner ever. Want to help boost it further? When applying your mascara, when you get to the outer lashes, pull your mascara wand through your lashes on the same angle of your winged eyeliner and they will sit in that direction. If you dragged all of your lashes in that direction, don’t worry, just use the end of your mascara wand to gently push the inner and middle lashes back up again.

If you want your eyeshadow to appear brighter, use a skin tone eyeliner and cover the lid and blend well. As this will lighten your eyelid tone, eyeshadows will appear brighter and stronger and the extra bonus is, will act a bit like an eyeshadow primer and give you longevity.

If you want some soft contouring, using a powder brush and either a pressed powder that is too dark for you or a bronzer, sweep along under your cheekbones, around the edge of your hair line on your forehead and along your jaw line blending under the chin area. You can also do this softly down either side of your nose to help slender down a wider nose. This will create a soft, natural looking contour, giving the illusion of more shadow giving you a more chiselled and defined face.

Make a little error while applying that bold lippie? Not to fear, you won’t have to wipe it all off and start again. Using a small concealing brush and some concealer, gently wipe away your mistake, the concealer will take care of any minor staining that may have occurred.

Got an indented scar that’s a little darker than the rest of your skin tone? Conceal the inside of that scar with a concealer that is lighter than the scar area but matches the rest of your skin tone. What you are doing is bringing all the surfaces to the same tone and therefore helping to conceal that scar.

Glitter, glitter everywhere but sadly once we reach a certain age, well it just ages us further. If you simply can’t let it go, when applying it, just keep it to a little hint in the middle of your eyelid. Hint of sparkle with a hint of sexy. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Just a hint of glitter. You don’t want to look like you fell into the craft cupboard.

Want to push out that bottom lip for a pouty appearance? After applying your lippie, use a lighter shade, and dab in the middle of your bottom lip which will draw attention to that area making it look more 3D and oh-so-kissable.

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