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Gerard addicts rejoice! The all time best-seller inspired by the neutral tones of the 90’s. A liquid to matte formula that is long-wearing but comfortable. Mauve and rose hues complement all skin tones.


California’s most iconic zip code translated into a colour. The perfect red brown neutral in our famous hydra matte liquid lipstick formula.


The innocence of the flesh before the fall of Eden. This liquid lipstick is Original Sin personified. A fresh nude tone with blush and peach hues make this a gorgeous colour for everyday, or to complement a more dramatic eye look.


Goddess of love and beauty inspired is this sensual nude shade. Be comfortable in your own skin and embrace your inner goddess with this Hydra-Matte liquid lipstick. Opaque and matte but with a comfortable burst of moisture so you can wear this lip colour for hours.


A graceful pink nude with slight peach tones. Inspired by the satin slippers of elegant ballerinas. Slip this color on your lips, its demure but stunning The comfortable wear will make it your go-to feminine hue.


No one does nudes like Gerard Cosmetics and we are unveiling an exposed yet elegant hue with a sensual pink undertone that will flatter so many skin tones. Not too pale with just the right amount of a neutral pop. Are you ready to bare it all?


Want to add some flavor to your lip collection? This rich, full-bodied brown goes on smooth and looks mouth-watering on a wide variety of skin tones.


A medium rosy brown with warm undertones. Inspired by one of the most powerful women in music and one of the most clueless but lovable movie characters of the 90s. This color will look super gorgeous and chic on everyone.


Be the envy of the crowd with the perfect hot pink.


A color inspired by our favorite cocktail. raspberry vodka, chambord, fresh berries and sugar on the rim. An effervescent Hydra matte that is intoxicating as can be.


Be the envy of the crowd with the perfect hot pink.


This euphoric, mind altering hue will make you happy every time you wear it. Purple and neutral undertones make this Hydra Matte liquid lipstick a unique but beautiful choice for your go-to lip color.


A soft nude with a beige undertone for everyday elegance. An effortless way to wear liquid lipstick, you won’t want to live without this colour. A smooth and long-lasting finish.


This color will be a backstage hit. A little bit of rock n roll with lots of glamour. A pretty maroon shade with subtle sparkle. Featuring our iconic hydra matte formula. Liquid to matte without drying out your pout.


Could there be anything more blissful than this perfect dusty-rose shade? We think not.


A decadent and creamy light brown that reminds us of one of our favourite beverages. Swipe it on for daytime glam. It’s a long-wearing formula that we wear over our daily cup of joe. You’ll adore the moisturizing and pigmented formula.


Everlasting and haunting. A blood-red that will pull them in and take hold. Wear it on a late night for a truly striking element of your makeup look. Moisturising but long-wearing with a fully opaque finish.


A captivating grey-toned liquid lipstick that is aggressively bold, but a colour you’ll let invade your makeup space. Matte but with a velvety finish that is comfortable and cushion-smooth. Surrender to this one of a kind shade.


Get in touch with your darkest fantasies and explore the night with this mysterious, in your face hue that is bold but so beautiful.


A classic mauve rose that captures the iconic feel of New York. Class it up with this chic hue.


The planets aligned to create this vibrant orange-red hue. Turn up the heat whenever you wear this colour. A Hydra-Matte liquid lipstick that provides a comfortable and ultra long-wearing finish.


Looking for the perfect mauve-y pink? Look no further. Now go ahead, cross THAT off your bucket list…


A decadent and rich brown toned liquid lip that will give your look a sultry sophistication.


No one does nudes better than GC and this is the colour that put us on the map. A perfect balance of pink, beige and peach create our colour Nude, now in liquid lipstick form so you can have opaque coverage and long-wear in one swipe.


People went wild for the plum crazy gloss so Gerard Cosmetics have created a liquid lipstick version with the richness and opaque coverage that does this colour justice. Add a coat for plum crazy gloss of this matte lippie for lips that do all the talking.


The perfect wearable red. Not too bright or bold, a universally flattering shade.


There’s no place like home. Embrace a classically beautiful look with our liquid to matte red with an infusion of sparkling glitter for a truly unique and dazzling effect.


A fine balance of red and rust collide to create the perfect Fall shade. This color will look gorgeous on all skin tones.


Serenity is a beautiful warm pink, with hints of brown, a very comfortable non-drying matte formula that feels as if there is nothing on your lips! This colour was named after a big inspiration of mine growing up; Sailor Moon. Yes I know its a children’s Japanese anime but it was one of the first shows that I ever saw that portrayed a powerful woman who goes from a dorky school girl to a crime fighting vixen and that really resonated with me! It takes me to a place of serenity in the same way that makeup does.


What can we say, life’s just better nude! Dress up (or down) your look – without looking bare – with this perfect beige toned neutral pink. Sultry with an infusion of innocence.


A juicy red that takes us away to a peaceful and sunny place. A fabulous option for people who want to rock a more toned down red.What can we say, life’s just better nude! Dress up (or down) your look – without looking bare – with this perfect beige toned neutral pink. Sultry with an infusion of innocence.


A pop of pink. A burst of bright has been added to this super girly colour.


We transformed one of our top-selling gold bullets into a hydra matte. A pretty pink with a hint of mauve


A bright and girly creamsicle coral. This color is our go-to for a beach day or vacation. Vibrant and fun, this will be a staple for the warm weather ahead.


A relaxed and ravishing red wine hue that is an effortless way to rock color. Wear it with a neutral or smokey eye depending on your mood. This color will suit every skin tone under the moon.

Cruelty Free – Gluten Free


Gerard Cosmetics

Gerard Cosmetics is a line created for women by women who empower each other and strive to offer products that are luxurious, accessible and endlessly chic. After the success of Whitening Lightning Jen began to offer her signature lighted lip glosses and Brow Bar to Go that have generated endless buzz on social media and beyond.

28 reviews for Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick

  1. Natalie M

    Oh My! What cant I say about these? They are my favourite Liquid Lipsticks to date and I have tried so many.
    What I love – Light Vanilla smell, intense colour payoff, Very easy on the lips, do not flake and you only need one coat. They gradually wear off but don’t leave any rude harsh crusty lines on lips, ahhmazing!!! Serenity is a definite must . Love x

  2. Rhiannon

    Every beauty lover MUST have this in ‘Serenity’ it is absolutely phenomenon! it lasts for so long and hydrates your lips and does not leave them crackly and it does not flake off. The colour is intensely pigmented and this shade suits nearly all skin shades! Will be purchasing the other two shades soon

  3. Houda

    These lipsticks have got to be my most favourite things ever! In particular, serenity! I have really dry lips and they live up to their expectation, they are definitely hydrating. I also really appreciate that crush cosmetics has provided the newest shades. I am yet to purchase these lipsticks off this site but I know that I will be very soon!

  4. Kirsten

    AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!! This lipstick stays on through pretty much anything and the colour is amazing!!! I definitely want to purchase more and they arrive so quickly too!

  5. Lucy

    It’s a matte liquid lipstick but isn’t drying on the lips which is what I love about these. Must buy!!

  6. Carol

    I just loooove this lipstick it looks great plus it doesnt dry up your lips unlike others matte lipsticks, and the colours are so intense, serenity one is just AMAZING!

  7. twety

    These liquid lipsticks are amazing. I have serenity, aphrodite and mercury rising. They are amazing. The lasting power is so incredible, it even lasted after i had a full meal of Kfc and that too when i was eating the food like a animal. I just love the lipsticks.

  8. Bonna Plater

    One word, HEAVEN!!! this is so heaven … it is so perfect for everyone (for every skin tone) I really really love this shade I can’t stop using it , I’m wearing this like everyday and I’m getting another one of this again.. it really is amazing , you will never ever regret buying this ever!! Honestly I could live with this everyday!! like everyday wearing this..

  9. Buffykaz

    These are great lippies. A nice matte finish, long lasting, wonderful vanilla scent. I have Serenity and Invasion. I have light, cool toned skin, and Serennity looks a bit more peachy on me, and Invasion looks a little bit darker against my skin tone. Still a fantastic product.

  10. Jenelle G

    If you are looking for a long lasting matte lipstick, I highly recommend the Gerard Hydra Matte range.
    I recently purchased “Serenity” & “Invasion” and was extremely impressed with the overall performance of the product. This range is nothing like the various colour stay products and brands I have used before. You only need to apply a thin layer so you don’t need to use alot, nor will you need to re-apply throughout the day. I adore this range and love that it is cruelty free. Check out the link below to view cosmetic brands that don’t test on animals and help make a change by being aware of the brands you purchase.

  11. Manuela

    I love the colours, they are stunning! I bought Serenity, Aphrodite and Invasion. The formula is quite thick but doesn’t seem to bother me once it is dry. It stays on for quite a long time too. But the best thing about these liquid lipsticks are the gorgeous colours!!

  12. Amanda Whoo

    I have every Hydra Matte liquid lipstick shade so far and I have to say, I adore them! The smell reminds me of vanilla buttercream icing on a vanilla cupcake, yet it isn’t sickly over-powering.

    I find with most matte liquid lipsticks even when you prep your lips it still can be quite drying and it clumps/flakes off into a mess. This formula certainly doesn’t do that! They are long lasting, comfortable and they have such great shades, from glamorous nudes to dark and vampy.

    My only tiny gripe to be honest is that I wish they put a little more product in the tube and I’m not too crash hot about the packaging.

    But overall, I think these are great and they are an absolute must-have!

  13. Courtney A

    If you’re looking for a reasonably priced liquid matte lipstick this is the way to go. I have the colour ‘invasion’ and it is the perfect soft lip colour. It lasts for such a long time and doesn’t make your lips flaky or dry! The pigmentation in the colour is unbelievable, and will suit almost any skin tone. I am super pale and this colour looks just as awesome on me as it does my tanned friend! Would definitely buy again!

  14. Kim

    Love love love this lipstick! I have it in Serenity and it lasts so long. I can’t wait to wear it on my wedding day. Highly recommend.

  15. Jo

    I bought cher, 1995 and invasion! Invasion is my fave but they’re all great! I always prep my lips with a mask and lip balm before I put them on, stays on all night with a really nice finish. Doesn’t dry out my lips like other matte lippys I’ve tried. Highly recommend!

  16. Mollie

    Equiv. staying power to GSC.
    Adore these lip stains, will definitely be expanding my collection!

  17. Jess Willis

    So in love with these. First, but definitely not last, purchase was Ecstasy and Invasion. Love the formulas, it lasts ALL day.

    My only gripe is that these 2 colours are literally identical. I put one on upper lip and one on lower to test and one was silkier in formula but zero difference in colour. Still in love!

  18. Madeline

    Ordered this in the shade Serenity and I absolutely love it! The colour is gorgeous and the formula is creamy and applies super well, it’s very lightweight. Only downside is it’s fairly small so you don’t get that much product. I’ll still be buying more shades though!

  19. Katie

    I bought a Hydra Matte in “Ballet Slipper” and the formula is streaky. I hate it. I’ve tried it with lip liner, without, filled in lips. Nothing works. However, I have another in “Wild Things” and it is perfect …

  20. Emma Potter

    Oh GC, how I love thee ❤️
    I am about halfway to collecting the entire set, and I adore every single one. Not only is the formula amazing, but the tube is also frosted glass gorgeousness.
    Cannot recommend highly enough!

  21. Teyjana Mills

    I recently purchased 1995 and Ruby Slipper, they are both amazing! They last a while and will definitely be purchasing more shades.

  22. Kaylene

    I recently purchased the shade Serenity and I love it! Very rich in cololur and long lasting wear. Can’t wait to add more shades to my collection!

  23. Grace

    Lasted all day and night!

  24. Deanna-Rose Nicol

    I have serenity and it’s a stunning nude pink but is a lot darker than the picture shows, last a good amount of time, it survives eating to a certain degree!

  25. Joy Kelly

    I have two of these and I love them. I have Iced Mocha and Knight Rider and they’re amazing. So easy to apply, you only need one coat, they don’t make your lips crazy dry, and they have amazing staying power. Looking forward to getting more and trying the metal mattes out as well.

  26. Joy

    So, I recently got Wine Down and I find it less opaque than my other two, whether that’s just the shade, I’m not sure. Still, it’s got a nice feeling formula that’s not too heavy and thick, it’s easy to apply, and it’s quite a lovely colour!

  27. Jess

    These liquid lipsticks stay on for a very long time, and I’m very impressed the colours are pigmented and they stay on basically all day even after you eat food.

  28. A

    I have this lipstick in the shade Everything Nice. These lipsticks are a lot smaller than I thought they would be, but that is not an issue. The packaging is nice, as is the applicator. The lipstick has a pleasant vanilla scent that isn’t too overpowering. Easy to remove if you were to swatch this on your hand, however I haven’t worn this on the lips yet.

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